Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I have more yard sale finds for ya. I found both of these cute little items
at the same sale. I addore my "new" aluminum pitcher, it has lots of charm
it's dented all around the bottom and shows it has been put to good use,
however it will be hanging in my kitchen now as another piece to my
country charm home. The glass container of plastic pears I almost
passed up but then thought they'd be a bright addition to my table so
grabbed them up real fast.

Dear Hubby found this addorable trunk and didn't tell me about it
until after we had left the sale.....well....yeppers you guessed it I made
him turn right around and go back and when I saw it I had to have it.

It's just too cute. The tray inside is made of wood and still in great shape.
We're not sure if it's a old military foot locker or just a suitcase trunk or what,
but I love it just the same and have great plans for it.
Old Trunk.....$5.00

Fell in love with this lamp brought it home snapped a picture for ya and
placed it right on my desk in my office. It's beautiful all lit up and I'm enjoying
it greatly.
Victorian Lamp....$2.00

All in all I do believe I did a great job this week and got some great treasures.
What do you think?

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  1. Nice finds...you have a good eye for good things. Too bad I did'nt see that lamp first..Juat kidding..kinda..
    love ya,
    mama xoxo


I do love your comments Thanks so much!