Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Here are our men folk.
From left to right: Corey, Mike, Tyler, and Kendall.

Me with my beautiful girls: Cheyenne, Destiney, Brittanie, and Myself.

Me with Kinsey and Tyler. And the second photo we got a real kick out of so even though it's blurry
I had to show it, Tyler was being a handful and wouldn't be still so it looks like little sis
is giving him a fist to the mouth.

My beautiful girls:  Destiney, Brittanie, and Cheyenne.

Destiney and her family.

Destiney and Kinsey.

Sweet baby Kinsey all worn out.

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  1. Well, those are so beautiful...you are all so pretty and photogenic...those girls of yours are knockouts, and as sweet as they are pretty.
    I love the one of Des and Kendal and the kids.
    Shoot, I love them all...
    Of course, I need copies, so I will be over to get them....thanks for this...
    love you so much...Tyler is on my mind, praying he is ok by now...
    Love you,
    Mama xoxoxo


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