Friday, February 19, 2010


Here are some plates I did the dry brushing on to hang in my kitchen.
Norman Rockwell paintings have always caught my eye so when I saw these plates
I grabbed them like a kid in a candy store.
These pics are the begging stages you paint the project black then take three
different shades of brown and dry brush them on one at a time until they look somewhat
like this.
You will find the finished items on the next post.
I would love to hear if you have ever done this or if you have another technique you'd like
to share with me. please don't be shy leave your comments.
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And the after photos. I just love Norman Rockwell
I hope you grab a paint brush and try to paint today!


Yes when I was a little girl my mom got me started doing ceramics.
The other day I took a little trip with my oldest and youngest daughters to the
local ceramic shop where I found this addorable angel. I knew right away I had to
have her so I brought her home.
Base coated her with white ceramic primer,
then stained her with walnut stain, and then
did dry brush technique on her. Above is before,
and Below is the after.
What do ya think?

I'd love to hear from you if you do ceramics or would like
to give dry brushing a try.
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Yes I know it's late but had to just share what dh
came home with for me on Valentines Day!
The little puppy was sweeter than the candy's hehe
Love it and love sweet hubby!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010


.Hello everyone......We have the winners for my first give away!!!
While waiting on time to draw the names I got bored and made another set
so drew 4 names instead of three.

And here they are !!!!!!
Judy jhj24
Ladies if you would please email me your snail mail addys at
and I'll get your prizes mailed out Monday if I get all your addresses.
please be sure to keep check on my blog you never know when i'll have another
And thank you to all who entered a comment and became followers!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I posted a tutorial on these fun to make washer necklaces so thought
I would do my first GIVE AWAY!!!
I will be drawing 3 names on Friday night and will post the winners on Saturday morning!!!
All you have to do is leave a comment about my site or the tutorial and you're entered
with a chance to win one of these great sets if you want to have two entries just become a follower of my site and you'll be entered twice.
At this time I can only ship within the US.
Thanks so much for visiting and leaving your comments.


Hello all my friends out there in blog land. First I want to let you know that
this is not an original idea. Yes, I saw it on another blog and now I can't find it again!!!
So I'm posting this to help you in case you can't find it either and I've now got
a plan for next time I find something on a blog that I try.
If this was you're original idea please, please let me know you're blog so I can link it here!
This is what you're gonna need.
mod podge or decoupage finish.
crystal effects
paint brush
exacto knife
leather or this cord I found at WM too they had no leather.
emery board or files
scrap paper

I found this vast array of washers in all sizes at Wal Mart for right at 2.00

Take your washers and paint your decoupage or mod podge on one side
then glue them down to your scrap paper. Let dry.

I did several sets at one time.

After they have dried completely take your exacto knife and cut
the centers and around outside edge.

Now take your file and file around the center paper and around outside
edge to knock off the rough edges.

Here is where I experimented for you. I tried several different things
to seal them with just to see if anything else would work.

The clear elmers glue seemed to be a good idea but the paper pretty much
just absorbed into the paper so it's a no go unless you would want
to try letting it dry and putting on another coat but I didn't try that.

The sculpey glaze I had on hand so tried it and it worked pretty good at first
but then the next morning had pulled on the edges of the paper so It also is
pretty much a no go.

So.......You pretty much have only one choice out of the three
I tried and that's the stampin up Crystal Effects. It's a great product
doesn't run off the edges and gives a rounded finish to the item.

Now you just take your leather and loop it through the large ring, and
I got some earring hoops from Micheals and just put the small washers on
the rings.

And these are my finished products after I recovered all the trials with
the Crystal effects.

Please remember this is not an original idea and if you happen to find
the blog this was posted on please let me know.


OK.....check out these cool canisters I got with birthday money from my oldest daughter
Destiney I've wanted these forever and finally got them. I'm so excited!!!!
Thank you Destiney you're a sweetheart Love ya

Now of coarse they need labels so I dug out a stamp set and
stamped the words on vellum paper which I LOVEEEEE

Then carefully laminated them so they can be washed and easily removed if and when
I decide to change them which there is pretty good chance of. lol

And here are the finished projects simple but I love them.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So here is what we've been up to the last week. I've been wanting to brighten my kitchen for about a year now and the other morning my DH wakes me saying lets do the kitchen. Woot Woot I couldn't believe it but I jumped out of bed and we got started.

Here are a couple pictures of what we started with, I hate dark cabinets to me makes the room so dreary and dark. Please excuse the mess in and around the sink It's a dose of reality for ya lol Everytime you start something in the kitchen everyone needs a drink and something to eat.
This area was just a empty wall so DH comes to my rescue and builds me a counter and shelves. We aren't financially able to get doors yet but hopefully will before too long.
Tyler got a real kick out of this area and grabbed his hammer to help Pa Pa build.
Here is a closer pic of the little Toot he kept running under and around the posts.
And here is the sink area after I painted the cabinets off white and the handles red.
Another shot of cabinets above the stove Notice the vent hood is NOT
that horrible yellow anymore. Now that's exciting!!!

This area is dividing my living room from my kitchen it's just a counter
with some cabinets under it but will soon be an island DH is working on
that one for me too, but for now it looks better too. Lol
check out that big ball can you guess who that belongs to?

Below you'll see the countertop DH made for me
it's so pretty, clean and shiney. This is where we don't have doors made yet.

Just threw in a pic of the wonderful shelf hubby put up for me too. All in all I'm
pretty darn happy with my kitchen face lift. What would you like to
give a face lift to in your house? Just grab some paint and get to it.
Then let me know what you did and where I can find pictures.

And that's what we've been up to the week of my Birthday!!!


Yes......the other morning after our last big ice storm I woke up to find a fort in my living room.
We had lost power again and the wonderful aunt and mommy of these darling faces decided
to keep the little angels warm they'd build a fort and bundle them up in it. Thanks to flashlights and cell phones they kept Tyler busy enough that he stayed under the fort and kept warm until the power came back. How lucky am I to have such sweetness going on at my house.

Was lucky enough to get a shot with mom in it lol Tyler looks like he's having a ball and little sis just looks unimpressed lol mom looks like she's having loads of fun too!!! lol