Friday, November 13, 2009


We had Tyler out in the yard the other day and I snapped this pic
he just loves this wagon, He'll ride for a bit but then wants out
so he can push it around the yard.
I just love this picture.

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Found this little item at the local Goodwill when i dropped in with mom the other day
for 2.50. The wood was worn and there were scratches on the butterfly image.
I'm not big into butterflies anyway so tried my hand at changing it a bit more to my taste, so went from
the above to the pic below. I simply painted the base white then covered the butterflies with some
vintage paper, decoupaged the base placed vintage lace around the bottom and a beige bow on the top.
I think it turned out rather cute. It will be just addorable with some of my
homemade peanut butter cookies in it.

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ok now I have these addorable little snowmen magnets for sale
they're just 3.00 each and are approx. 3 3/4 inches tall if you'd like to own one of these
just drop me a email at
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ok now tell me the seasons are not so messed up. I walked outside yesterday and these
were blooming on my rose bush!! Roses blooming in November crazy Oklahoma weather.
But aren't the just beautiful?

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Saturday, November 7, 2009


Fresh from the sewers hand. I just designed and am now in the
process of making these addorable little men along with Destiney
my button sewer at this time. lol
They are approx. 12 inches tall , hand quilted and sewn.
They are for sale $10.00 each if you'd like to own one or two
just drop me a email at

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Friday, November 6, 2009


Here is my newest set to be released tomorrow on my site
Be sure you drop by the site tomorrow and check it out!!
It's called SNOWMAN JOY I also have a new category
for digital stamping and the line art for all these pieces is in that
category each set has all pieces in png and jpg formats.

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Monday, November 2, 2009


Just a little idea for your card making. Just one example of how you can
use the same stamp in different ways to make your cards different.
I just started making my own cards not too long ago and am in love with
this little craft.
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Old Glory hanging in the yard. Isn't she

My bench dad built and gave to me sitting by my rose bush.

Just had to post this!!! This awesome Colorado sunset was
sent to me by a very dear friend! Who snapped it one night on
her way home from work.
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Destiney and Cheyenne all dressed up to go to Brittanies
Halloween party.
Cheyenne dressed as Mother nature and Destiney is a Godess.
They made thier costumes and I think they did a terrific job.
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Hello again, update on my yo yo table cloth,
just in case you've been wondering. I now have
150 new yo yo's made still working on them and
still have to put them all together but at least I'm
getting there.
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Little Tuler ready to go Trick or Treating.
He's such a doll in his little jackolantern suit we
like to have never got him to keep that hat on. lol

And our new little sweetheart Kinsey in her mouse
costume she didn't gather candy for trick or treat but we had
to dress her up too. She's just a precious little doll.
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Just wanted to share of pic of my cowie bank. hehe
Got this little fella at a yard sale, someone no longer had a use for him
bless his little heart, see it on his belly?
So, I just had to rescue him even though my family thought
he was kinda homely and not so cute. I thought he was addorable
and knew he'd be a good friend to help me save my pennies!
He now has a home on my desk and everytime I look at him I smile.

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