Friday, September 24, 2010


Last weekend we spent the day at the lake for daddy's 74th birthday.
All he wanted was all of his family together and to take us
all for a ride in his boat.

A few scenery pictures I snapped from inside the car.

I had to get a pic of the dam.  I remember as a little girl daddy
would take us to the lake and we'd walk for what seemed forever to the
middle of this dam and then down the rocks to the waters edge to go fishing.
The entire hill used to be covered in those rocks but now is growing over with
grass and bushes.  Good times.

Mom, Shambra in back and Janet in the blue shirt.

Daddy enjoying time with the newest great grandie recently added
to our growing family.
Cousins playing together.  Aren't they too cute?
Two of the most wonderful people you will ever meet, and
a goofus in the back.  Mom and Dad and that's Jarred in the back
just being Jarred! *giggles*

Look at those beautiful blue eyes!

Me with my new sweetie.
I just addore these two faces!!!  Mike and Tyler.
Oh and don't forget this little face.  We all say with those little pony tails she looks
like little Cindy Lou Who (from the Grinch movie)

Me and my wonderful sisters.
Me in the front, Janet in the middle, Kimbo in the back.

Bet you can't tell who the honery one is?  *snicker*  Kimbo would
probably kill me if she knew I posted this pic.
Ready to eat? We have lots of goodies!

The fella's cooking up hotdogs.  They were hungry. 
Richard and Mike in photo.

Terry kept the fire burning for everyone and let me tell ya it was HOT!

Tyler was ready to eat.  I handed him his hotdog which he looked at closely
and then abruptly removed the bun and went straight for the meat.

They guys getting the boat in the water.

And away we go!!!

Captain De Roy at the wheel!
Anyone for icecream on the way home?   Heck yeah!!
Well don't bother stopping at this DQ in Chickasha, Oklahoma they were
slower than slow and we waited forever, like 45 minutes forever.

Was it worth the wait?   You tell me!

Peanut Buster Parfait anyone?  *big giggles*

Tyler loved his french fries after the long wait...doesn't that face just say it all?
And poor little Kinsey just didn't care anymore and gave it up.

This is the longest post I've done to date but soooo well worth it.
It's a tribute to the most wonderful man i've ever known.
My Daddy who turned 74 this year!
Happy Birthday Daddy,  Love ya much!


Today I spent part of my day in the kitchen making cookies for my grandies.
On the menu was a new recipe from my good friend Jean!
Chocolate chip sugar cookie balls

Here is what they looked like fresh eeewy, gooey, yummy chocolate chip cookies.
And wouldn't you know I can't find the recipe to share but trust me
they were GOOD!!

OOOOh yeah grandie were over and my little helper was ready to go.

Check out that smile and papa waiting for cookies.
btw:  Pay no attention to the mess in the background please.
Come know how messy it gets when you're creating. *giggle*

I just addore this little face when we're baking together.
And what would make this happy face you ask? know us too well. 

Caught with his hand in the cookie dough picking out the chocolate chips and eating them.

And here is the dreaded face grammies hate to see,
When mommy says you've had enough and takes the cookie dough away.
I love cookies and love baking but this little fella is the star of the day!

Monday, September 13, 2010


This is our newest family addition.
Alexia Grace.
She's only a week old in these photos so still very new to us.
She's a beautiful baby and so good.
I've never seen a new born *even if it is just gas*
smile so much.  *giggles*
Linking this up to Little Red House
Have a great Monday!

Friday, September 10, 2010


I found these pictures of myself as I was growing up and thought...
Hey someone might be interested in seeing these?
I have no clue how old I am in most of these so I'll leave the guessing
up to you.  *snicker*

*Giggles*  Don't I just look so happy in this first photo?


Second photo here is when I was expecting my first daughter.  I know I was 19 here.

Right after the birth of Destiney.      Me at Britt's wedding.

Here I am present day, age 47 with my three beautiful daughters.
Cheyenne top left,  Brittanie bottom left, Destiney top right,
and me bottom right.
I hope you enjoyed the pictures of me through the years,  boy oh boy
how age changes us.