Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I have more yard sale finds for ya. I found both of these cute little items
at the same sale. I addore my "new" aluminum pitcher, it has lots of charm
it's dented all around the bottom and shows it has been put to good use,
however it will be hanging in my kitchen now as another piece to my
country charm home. The glass container of plastic pears I almost
passed up but then thought they'd be a bright addition to my table so
grabbed them up real fast.

Dear Hubby found this addorable trunk and didn't tell me about it
until after we had left the sale.....well....yeppers you guessed it I made
him turn right around and go back and when I saw it I had to have it.

It's just too cute. The tray inside is made of wood and still in great shape.
We're not sure if it's a old military foot locker or just a suitcase trunk or what,
but I love it just the same and have great plans for it.
Old Trunk.....$5.00

Fell in love with this lamp brought it home snapped a picture for ya and
placed it right on my desk in my office. It's beautiful all lit up and I'm enjoying
it greatly.
Victorian Lamp....$2.00

All in all I do believe I did a great job this week and got some great treasures.
What do you think?


If you're a blogger be sure to click on the link in my sidebar and join
the Bloggerette Sorority.

I was too late finding the site and missed the big RUSH but wanted
to do the project anyway. We got the picture above and were asked
to make something using it.

I made this card. I do believe it turned out pretty nice and will be saving it
for something special.

Oh yeah.....we had to take a picture of ourselves with our project.
LOL Here I am early this morning DH snapped the pic for me.
This is in my office so please excuse the mess on the walls, I have a digital
art site and I take lots of notes....But this is the way I am most days.
No makeup, hair pulled back and pulled up in back, comfy t-shirt and shorts.
And life goes on in my neck of the woods.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Be sure to check out all the great crafts we'll be doing at Bloggerette Sorority!
Everyone is welcome to join in and we'd love to have you!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Here are our men folk.
From left to right: Corey, Mike, Tyler, and Kendall.

Me with my beautiful girls: Cheyenne, Destiney, Brittanie, and Myself.

Me with Kinsey and Tyler. And the second photo we got a real kick out of so even though it's blurry
I had to show it, Tyler was being a handful and wouldn't be still so it looks like little sis
is giving him a fist to the mouth.

My beautiful girls:  Destiney, Brittanie, and Cheyenne.

Destiney and her family.

Destiney and Kinsey.

Sweet baby Kinsey all worn out.


The other day Mom and Dad told me we had a Blackberry bush in our back yard.
So I ran right out and got some along with pictures.
Was a sweet surprise for sure! 

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Nana just gave me this round thing and I'm not sure what it is?  Is it ok for me to play with this Mommy?   Hhhmmm I wonder what it tastes like? 
Well...It's not too bad feels kinda funny on my tongue and makes some funny noises too.  I hope no one takes it away from me.
Ohhhhhh Yeah  I think I like this thing!  Nana just asked me if I like my balloon so I guess that's what it is.
I thinks I likes this thing called balloon. 
I wonder if Nana is fast enough to get this picture before I move again?  hehe
I'm pretty fast and she keeps talking about blurry pictures. She's really excited now so
I think she may have got me this time.
Yes indeed.....I think it would be best if you found your own balloon,
cause you ain't getting mine!


Our precious little Tyler had to have his tongue clipped this week.
We were all so worried but the process was so easy and over so quick.
I haven't posted in the last two days because we were out of town.
Tyler is a trooper and you can't even tell he had anything done.
He's doing great and we're so glad it is done and over.
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Do you remember these? My yoyo's for my tablecloth?
Well as is a woman perogative, I changed my mind the other day and am
now in the process of tatting a tablecloth so I was sitting thinking
Now what in the world am I gonna do with all those yoyo's I made and got in the mail.
Then it hit me...I need a new look for my living room pillows. Something more me so....
why not use them and recover my pillows.
This is the before picture of my pillows currently in my living room.

First I chose a fabric I loved which just happened to be dark muslin.
Then measured and pinned all the yo yo's on the fabric and sewed them all
on by hand. Not easy I might add and my fingers are very sore but well worth
the results I got.
Then I pinned the fabric around the pillow, took needle and thread, and started sewing
around the edges.
I didn't want both pillows to look alike so I changed them a bit.  I think they turned out wonderful.
BUT wait  I have two other smaller pillows on my sofa but I'm out of the muslin fabric.  SO.....

                                      I took some green fabric I had and did these a little different.
                                      I sewed the fabric all around the pillow with a large overlap.

                                  Then pinned yoyo's all around the outside edge of pillows and grabbed
                              my handy dandy needle and tread and started sewing all those little buggers
                                                                      on the outside edges.

Turned the fabric edges under and sewed that down on the back.
And this is how they turned out.  I love my new pillows.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Let me introduce you to my new baby DAISY MAYE. Isn't she just too cute?
There's a bit of a story behind this but long story as short as I can get it and you still understand, here it is.
One day Mom and I went to Wal Mart to get a few things and these kids were giving away dogs.
Well she and I both got one. A few weeks later her little baby was hit by a car and killed.
Being so sad for her and Dad I decided to give them my dog so Daddy would still have a buddy.
A few weeks after that is when Des got Daisy Maye.
She came to live with us after Destiney got her, and realized it was too much to handle along with
taking care of two babies right now. So I was the lucky one to get her and she's just a joy.
She's a full blood Yorkie and I placed her next to my tv remote so you can tell how small she is.

I finally got her still enough to snap this picture for you. LOL You have no clue
how many pics I snapped before I finally got a clear one.

And yes I just had to share this one. She's saying OK lady
are you still looking at me? LOL Love this shot.
And that's all she wrote, I'm in love and she's my new baby.
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Sunday, June 13, 2010


I'm joining in the fun again this week for Mosaic Monday's at Mary's Little Red House.
If you haven't visited Mary's you should go by and see all the wonderful
Mosaics and check out the blogs!
Thanks for hosting Mary.
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