Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Just look at what I found in my rose bush!! Talk about thorns. I first noticed this about three week ago but just got brave
enough to grab some pics of it today.

This little bugger never leaves the nest....I know....Cause I've been waiting on him to go eat or drink or something for
three weeks so I could get pictures. He kept watching me every move I made, I would walk around the bush and he would turn toward me, I was honestly a little skeered. I guess in these pics I finally caught him off guard, or maybe he knew I was there all along?
Maybe he was thinking "what's this crazy lady doing with that big black thing sticking it in here close to my home".
He stands guard over his nest and protects it, cleaning and watching for trouble. Always alert and ready to defend.
He sure didn't like me much but I got my pictures and we're getting along fine now.
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  1. You are a braver woman than I get that close to that little begger. I so don't like em.
    I am liking your header and your cute little siggy to cute is that...
    good girl...good blog...good grief...
    I wish I had your talent.


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