Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This is my beautiful Mom. Talk about hero's she is for sure at the top of my list.
First I have to tell you to visit her blog....It's beautiful and she's very good at writting
I promise you'll love her.
She has taught me so much. She's a breast cancer survivor also and did it with
grace, beauty, and much courage. (at least that's all she would let us see)
She's always encouraging me to do things like blogging. Without her I
don't know what I'd do. She's the most giving person of time, and knowledge.
There is so much she does that I look at and think Gosh I wish I could do that.
Like the way she can write a story and the pictures she takes, she paints and is
always working in her yard and house creating and doing beautiful things.
I am trying to figure out my own blog style
but sure do want to write and take pics like she does.

She's the most wonderful mother and I could never ask for more than
what she gives...that should tell you a lot about her.
She is my Hero! Love you so much Mom.

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  1. Annette, what nice words about your mom, I miss her alot.

    Love to all
    Debra Sue


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