Saturday, June 19, 2010


Nana just gave me this round thing and I'm not sure what it is?  Is it ok for me to play with this Mommy?   Hhhmmm I wonder what it tastes like? 
Well...It's not too bad feels kinda funny on my tongue and makes some funny noises too.  I hope no one takes it away from me.
Ohhhhhh Yeah  I think I like this thing!  Nana just asked me if I like my balloon so I guess that's what it is.
I thinks I likes this thing called balloon. 
I wonder if Nana is fast enough to get this picture before I move again?  hehe
I'm pretty fast and she keeps talking about blurry pictures. She's really excited now so
I think she may have got me this time.
Yes indeed.....I think it would be best if you found your own balloon,
cause you ain't getting mine!


  1. What an absolute sweetie she is...I love the one where she is peeking over the top of that pink balloon. She's a doll baby...
    mom xoxo

  2. She sure looks happy with that balloon! What a sweet little cutie all dressed in pink.

    Best wishes,


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