Thursday, June 3, 2010


Outside my window there are a few toys spread here and there from my grandson
playing in the yard today, a beautiful rose bush swaying in the wind, and a dog laying on the porch.

I am thinking we need to build a fence for him to play in. We live in the country and
and he loves to be outside but needs a area I know he's safe in when he gets a little older.

I am thankful for my children and grandchildren, Oklahoma sunsets, and peaceful surroundings.

From the learning rooms I'm learning not to take life so serious, and that not everything turns out perfect.
My girls were telling me tonight about lies they told me when they were kids, and here I thought they were
so perfect. Yeah right!

From the kitchen is the wonderful smell of chocolate melting in a pot. The girls are helping
me with making the favors for my youngest daughters baby shower and decided they wanted to make
chocolate suckers.

I am wearing denim capri's a yellow flower top and am currently barefoot.

I am creating greeting cards for family and friends, I make a lot of cards at once and store
them up so when an occasion comes up I know I have cards to send out.

I am going to the Dollar Store to see if they have any more of those
addorable sandles I got last week and then gave to my kids because they
loved them. btw they did have them and I got two pair!

At this time I am reading a book by Dean Koontz titled Sole Survivor.
It's pretty darn good you should read it if you can it's a novel and Dean Koontz is wonderful.

I am hoping that my grandbabies get well soon. They have both been sick and to the doctor several
times and finally got the doctor to give them meds yesterday.

I am hearing country music from my daughters room and my fan blowing.

Around the house all is peaceful after all the kids were here for supper. We always have a wonderful time.

One of my favorite things is the white hutch in my kitchen that I got from Mom.

A few plans for the rest of the week will be going shopping with hubby for what he needs for new job,
making two cakes for the baby shower, one chocolate with a cream filling and a decorated white, and having a
baby shower Sunday evening can't wait.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing.
Can you please let me know what you think these two are thinking?

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  1. Awesome blossom...I just happened to find this and thought I would do something different...
    I got too wordy with
    love you, we are going to Bub's funeral this am.
    See you yas....


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