Saturday, June 5, 2010


Snapped this pic of Destiney helping make Daisy's. Cheyenne and I were
taking a well deserved break at this point, Destiney needed one too
but wanted to finish her set first.

Daisy's drying and getting their yellow centers. These fondant
flowers are so much easier and a lot more fun when you
can have a way to get your kids over and play together.

Brittanie's colors are pink and green so we frosted the cake pink and
then added the green swirls (I'm not diggin the green) BUT......
after losting one layer of the cake due to removing it from the pan too soon,and another layer because we waited too long I'm not about to tempt fate and start over again!

And here it is finished. I'm sorry that you really can't tell
a lot about it in a picture but I took about 12 pics and this is the
best I got. The picture does it no justice it's really beautiful
and I'm sure brittanie will love it. She wanted lots
of flowers and by golly she got em.
Not bad for a bunch of first timers huh?

And here are our chocolate favor suckers. Deb there are plastic molds you can buy at almost any craft store in all kinds of shapes, we got ours at Hobby Lobby.Then you buy white chocolate and dark chocolate, melt it, color the whiteto the colors you want then paint the colors in the mold for details,pour in the dark or more white chocolate to finish filling the mold.Add your sticks and refrigerate for 10 to 15 minutes then they pop rightout of the mold and TADA you have chocolate suckers.

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  1. That was one beautiful cake,I've never seen anything you can't patient...I never had that quality. It tasted good,too. You did a good job for the kids baby shower...
    Love you..

  2. Now I think you need to go into cake decorating, that looks great and thanks about the suckers.

  3. thanks ya'll and you're welcome deb love ya's


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