Thursday, June 10, 2010


I started teaching myself to tat round about a year ago, when I heard about it on line
and asked my mom about it. She said oh it's a dieing art. People don't do it much
anymore but it is so pretty. Well with life happening all around me I had stored
my tatting things after learning the basics, and decided last night to pull
it all out and see if I could make something for my dresser top.

I found this pattern in one of my pattern books. It's supposed to be a place mat but I
thought if I make it a little wider and longer it would be beautiful on my dresser, so that's what
I'm making. I remembered the basics quite well and finished four medallions and joined them
in one afternoon.

And here is my first finished block...not bad for a few hours work. Now I'm thinking tablecloth for the kitchen
table. I addore tatting now. If you have patients and time on your hands you should give it a try.
It is a dieing art and so beautiful we should bring it back.


  1. you can make anything it is beautiful
    Debra Sue

  2. Well done for mastering needle tatting - now onwards and upwards to the 'real deal' - shuttle tatting. I'm sure you'll find the shuttle will give you finer and more delicate looking work. DO give it a try.

  3. hey Deb, I can't do anything but I sure will give everything a try if it's interesting to me.

    Jane I learned to tat with a shuttle and love it but have bad problems with hands shaking when doing detailed things so I find the needle tatting much more suited to my needs at this time, however I do hope to be able to use my shuttles again as it's so much fun and you're right it is finer and more delicate.



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