Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Do you remember these? My yoyo's for my tablecloth?
Well as is a woman perogative, I changed my mind the other day and am
now in the process of tatting a tablecloth so I was sitting thinking
Now what in the world am I gonna do with all those yoyo's I made and got in the mail.
Then it hit me...I need a new look for my living room pillows. Something more me so....
why not use them and recover my pillows.
This is the before picture of my pillows currently in my living room.

First I chose a fabric I loved which just happened to be dark muslin.
Then measured and pinned all the yo yo's on the fabric and sewed them all
on by hand. Not easy I might add and my fingers are very sore but well worth
the results I got.
Then I pinned the fabric around the pillow, took needle and thread, and started sewing
around the edges.
I didn't want both pillows to look alike so I changed them a bit.  I think they turned out wonderful.
BUT wait  I have two other smaller pillows on my sofa but I'm out of the muslin fabric.  SO.....

                                      I took some green fabric I had and did these a little different.
                                      I sewed the fabric all around the pillow with a large overlap.

                                  Then pinned yoyo's all around the outside edge of pillows and grabbed
                              my handy dandy needle and tread and started sewing all those little buggers
                                                                      on the outside edges.

Turned the fabric edges under and sewed that down on the back.
And this is how they turned out.  I love my new pillows.

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