Sunday, June 13, 2010


The other day Destiney and I were on our way home from
the grocery store (Joy, Joy). It was just one of those days when
I couldn't get a good picture of anything...I mean there was absolutely nothing
going on BUT I did have my camera with me just in case.
So...anyway...Just being goofy and having fun with Destiney I just started taking
pictures of nothing particular just random things and these are some of the pics I got.
The above photo is of the road we go down on our way home.

Then I just stuck my camera out the window and toward the sky and I got these beautiful images.
It was a cloudy day as you can see and they are just beautiful.

  So next time you've got nothing really to do and your head is in the clouds, take a minute
and snap a few pictures. You never really know what you'll come up with. 

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  1. Ha...I love it, just being free and having fun..
    the clouds are so pretty...
    you are becoming quite the photographer, and I enjoy the bigger pix you are doing...


I do love your comments Thanks so much!