Monday, June 7, 2010


The beautiful mother to be, my daughter Brittanie.
Notice the clothes pins on her shirt? Guess who's winning the
don't say the word baby game? NOOOO....It's not me, I was the first person
to lose my fact I lost mine before I even got all the pins handed out.
I think they cheated me. What do you think?

Here she is in her current size. We always have to get a pic like this right?

Brittanie's Mother in law, Drenda, playing the diaper game.If you don't know this game it's chocolate bars melted in a diaper and you have to touch, smell, taste the candybar and try to figure out what kind of candybar it is.
The diapers were numbered 1 thru 5. My mom sitting next to Drenda asked herwhat number is that? To which Drenda replied....It looks like number 2 to me. We all had a huge laugh!

My big sis Janet trying to figure this diaper out. And my little sis Kim and her daughter both working hard to win!

Mom to be barely got through this game bless her heart.
It's a real mental challenge. If you think it's easy to get past the mental part of the game try it at the next baby shower you throw. lol
My sweet neice Dena won the guessing game and tore her toilet paper to Brittanie's exact size. I was about 3 blocks short. LOL

Destiney airing up the balloons. Check out Kinseys face, she's so addorable.
Looking at her mom like as if to say. Pretty good job you're doing there mom.
Diaper cake made by Destiney which I think is just addorable, and most of the guests thought so too.

The happy couple awaiting their delivery day!

And thought I'd throw this in last. Britt wanted a chocolate cake for her party along with the flower cake I posted about a day or so ago, I whipped up this little jewel and thought I'd share the recipe with ya today since it's my own creation.

You need one chocolate cake mix. Mine is dark chocolate. Just make it according to recipe.

Then for filling you need:

2- 8oz. blocks philly cream cheese

1 Large tub cool whip

1 Large box instant chocolate pudding

Approx. 3/4 cup sugar.

Mix softened cream cheese with sugar, then add cool whip and mix well. Last add the instant pudding slowly and mix in well. That's all there is to it.

The cake pan I used is larger than a regular size round cake pan so this mixture wasn't enough to frost outside the cake so it's just between layers and on the top of cake. Actually it's pretty rich and a small piece goes a long way so you may not want to frost the entire cake.

It was a HUGE hit at the shower so I hope you'll try it and let me know what you think!

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