Saturday, October 23, 2010


Just started my first Art, Heart, & Healing class.Thanks to
Tam who offered this 4 week class FREE!!
So I'm linking this post up to WILLOWING & FRIENDS
Come join in the fun!
This week was finding the true meanings behind the negative thoughts we have
about ourselves and then letting them go.
I pretty much just did what she did this first time so I
could learn what I was doing.  When I get my true self portrait done
I'll be sure to post it.

Facial features are so hard to master and take some time and practice.

LOL....Then comes the hair and it's pretty hard in itself.
But really pretty good for my first try.

Here is where we started the water color painting and shading.
It's so much fun I love doing it and will be making many entries to my art

Then you have the multimedia backgrounds you add on.
Here is my finished project and I am excited to do more.
Don't forget to come join us!


Another awesome yard sale find.  This tea set was found still wrapping in it's original packaging.
Sitting on a table all alone and disguised in white tissue paper.

I knew what it was without even unwrapping it, Then heard a lady asking how much it was
I about flipped when the man said 10.00 but the lady wanted it cheaper so she said will you take 5.00?
He said 6.00 and it's yours and can you believe it she walked away and left it setting? 
What is wrong with this lady I thought but was so thankful she left it.

So I grabbed it up and went to pay and got it for 5.00 *snicker*   I collect tea sets and this
one looks just beautiful on my kitchen table.

btw:   yes those are my legs in the reflection.   Believe me I tried my best to get myself
out of the pictures but the darn pieces are so shiney there was a reflection no
matter where I stood.
This was the buy of my day and I'm simply thrilled.
Thanks Desi  Love ya

Monday, October 11, 2010


So.......How busy were you this past weekend?   This is what I was doing.
Making cards for Halloween greetings.
I stamped all these images: Bats, Jackolanterns, and Boo's!
Then used my color pencils and glitter pens to color the Jackolanterns and used
puff pens to write the words Boo and color in the Bats.

Looks like fun huh?
Don't forget to brush the edges with ink after cutting them all out. *giggles*
I forget to do this part pretty often.

Then put them on different background color card stock and yesssssssss
cut them out again. *hehe*

Then put them all together and......

Have something like this to send to family and friends.
Yes I know it's not my best work but you'll understand by the end of this post.

Had a yard sale with Destiney, Brittanie, and Mom.

Just a few of our treasures we were trying to pedal off on unsuspecting
strangers. *giggles yet again*

I thought these were quite pretty but no idea what I would
have done with them....I guess no one else had any ideas either cause
they're still here.  Can you believe most of our treasures didn't sell?
But was still a success cause we made a huge pile and donated
all of it to charity!!!

Here Destiney is playing with bubbles.

The babies don't seem to interested but Destiney sure is having fun.

They did have fun actually ran around chasing bubles for some time.

*giggles* This is my bestest friend Jean she came to help us with the sale.
 Here you see her asking me what I think I'm doing and to stop taking her picture.

Here she is getting up to whoop my hiney cause I wouldn't stop!
Good thing she doesn't have a computer!

And then I found these little kitties in my closet and decided to make them
witches for Halloween gifts to friends.

I just took long strips of black felt and did a simple stitch on the
top and bottom of the felt, one to gather with and one for decoration on
the bottom of her skirt.

Made the hats by rolling a funnel and making a simple circle then
glued the funnel on top of circle.

Made some signs and put a bat on the top, then stuck that
in her hands.

                                             Put a cute little Boo sign on the back of her dress.

Here she is finished and ready to go. She was so much fun to make.
And that would be what I did last weekend.
Would love to know what you did?

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I thought tonight I would share with you some of the lovely
items I was lucky enough to capture while strolling through
my yard one day.
I started with this picture because I'm usually not lucky
enough to get a picture of any small creature!  I'm not very steady
on my feet these days and usually scare anything off before I get the
chance to snap the camera. *giggles*

I love, love, love this picture for it's detail.  I'm getting
pretty good at this picture taking.

This is just pure beauty.  What more can one say?

And so here is my Mosaic of my country stroll.
There is so much small beauty in our world and so many
times we miss it because of the hustle and bustle of our
everyday lives.  I hope you find beauty in each day and
are blessed abundantly with itl.
I'm linking this to LITTLE RED HOUSE for MOSAIC MONDAYS.
Please be sure to take a trip over to check out all the other Mosaics
they're always beautiful.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Now when I saw this swarm of Geeses *giggles* I just had to get pictures.
When going home from the lake we saw them under a big tree just
wondering around and checking things out.

There were dozens of them EVERYWHERE!
I've never seen so many in one spot before.

They didn't show us one bit of concern just went about their business
and let me take pictures of them.
They were a sight to see for sure.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


This morning I have some old memories running through my mind.
Like this old building in Verden, Oklahoma.
This was one of the building where mom and dad's business,
was born, nourished, and grew.
We worked for them many years had alot of great times and
alot of hard times but pulled together to get the job done.
We made wood crafts, Oh the number of ducks, cows, rabbits, and houses we painted
it would almost make you sick to see the next batch coming in.
Dad and the boys cut and sanded everything
while mom and us girls painted, glued, and finished the items.
So many memories in this old building which btw mom painted Red! *giggles*
I remember walking in to the smell of beans cooking in a crock pot seasoned
with onions, chilli powder, and garlic made by one of the girls for everyone
to have for lunch, while outside it was so cold you
could see your own breath.
Grandkids running around your feet and asking to drawing patterns for Grandpa.
Destiney at this time was only around 5 yrs old.
Laughing together, crying together and working together.
Going home at the end of our days cover from head to toe in sawdust and paint.
But thankful for a good day.
Mom and Dad don't have their business anymore which grew eventually
to employ 12 people.
Mom got sick and had some hard times and just couldn't handle
the hustle and bustle of running her own business anymore along with dealing
with her health.
Alas....Time goes by, things change, and life goes on.
I miss it greatly, going to work everyday with my family.
But so thankful for the memories made in this old building,
the life I've had, and the best family in the world.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

OKLAHOMA SCENERY was really close to being a full moon, and my hand is a
little unsteady but you can see some detail at least.

Oklahoma sunset taken from my front porch.

And last but not least Oklahoma Red dirt.
This is the biggest pain it's so hard to get out of clothes and
carpet etc. sure is pretty.
These pics I snapped while coming home from the lake.

Monday, October 4, 2010


I'm linking up to Little Red House for Mosaic Monday.
This mosaic is of some of my halloween graphics,  They're hand drawn
by me using a mouse and I sell them at my site
I have customers who love to use my graphics for paper crafting
and scrapbooking as well as making cards with them.
I sure hope you'll take the time to stop by my site and check
out all my items and the huge sale going on right now.
I hope you enjoy Mosaic Monday!  I'm going to check out the posts now.