Saturday, October 23, 2010


Another awesome yard sale find.  This tea set was found still wrapping in it's original packaging.
Sitting on a table all alone and disguised in white tissue paper.

I knew what it was without even unwrapping it, Then heard a lady asking how much it was
I about flipped when the man said 10.00 but the lady wanted it cheaper so she said will you take 5.00?
He said 6.00 and it's yours and can you believe it she walked away and left it setting? 
What is wrong with this lady I thought but was so thankful she left it.

So I grabbed it up and went to pay and got it for 5.00 *snicker*   I collect tea sets and this
one looks just beautiful on my kitchen table.

btw:   yes those are my legs in the reflection.   Believe me I tried my best to get myself
out of the pictures but the darn pieces are so shiney there was a reflection no
matter where I stood.
This was the buy of my day and I'm simply thrilled.
Thanks Desi  Love ya

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  1. It's beautiful. and I love it. and I'm happy you found it. and you best keep those green eyes upon
    hugs, mom


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