Thursday, October 7, 2010


This morning I have some old memories running through my mind.
Like this old building in Verden, Oklahoma.
This was one of the building where mom and dad's business,
was born, nourished, and grew.
We worked for them many years had alot of great times and
alot of hard times but pulled together to get the job done.
We made wood crafts, Oh the number of ducks, cows, rabbits, and houses we painted
it would almost make you sick to see the next batch coming in.
Dad and the boys cut and sanded everything
while mom and us girls painted, glued, and finished the items.
So many memories in this old building which btw mom painted Red! *giggles*
I remember walking in to the smell of beans cooking in a crock pot seasoned
with onions, chilli powder, and garlic made by one of the girls for everyone
to have for lunch, while outside it was so cold you
could see your own breath.
Grandkids running around your feet and asking to drawing patterns for Grandpa.
Destiney at this time was only around 5 yrs old.
Laughing together, crying together and working together.
Going home at the end of our days cover from head to toe in sawdust and paint.
But thankful for a good day.
Mom and Dad don't have their business anymore which grew eventually
to employ 12 people.
Mom got sick and had some hard times and just couldn't handle
the hustle and bustle of running her own business anymore along with dealing
with her health.
Alas....Time goes by, things change, and life goes on.
I miss it greatly, going to work everyday with my family.
But so thankful for the memories made in this old building,
the life I've had, and the best family in the world.

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  1. Oh, I love the story of us you have many seems like it was a dream now..our 15 minutes in the sun. i don't know yet why God would give so much to me, and then just snatch it away, costing everyone so much.
    thanks for writing the story...


I do love your comments Thanks so much!