Monday, October 11, 2010


So.......How busy were you this past weekend?   This is what I was doing.
Making cards for Halloween greetings.
I stamped all these images: Bats, Jackolanterns, and Boo's!
Then used my color pencils and glitter pens to color the Jackolanterns and used
puff pens to write the words Boo and color in the Bats.

Looks like fun huh?
Don't forget to brush the edges with ink after cutting them all out. *giggles*
I forget to do this part pretty often.

Then put them on different background color card stock and yesssssssss
cut them out again. *hehe*

Then put them all together and......

Have something like this to send to family and friends.
Yes I know it's not my best work but you'll understand by the end of this post.

Had a yard sale with Destiney, Brittanie, and Mom.

Just a few of our treasures we were trying to pedal off on unsuspecting
strangers. *giggles yet again*

I thought these were quite pretty but no idea what I would
have done with them....I guess no one else had any ideas either cause
they're still here.  Can you believe most of our treasures didn't sell?
But was still a success cause we made a huge pile and donated
all of it to charity!!!

Here Destiney is playing with bubbles.

The babies don't seem to interested but Destiney sure is having fun.

They did have fun actually ran around chasing bubles for some time.

*giggles* This is my bestest friend Jean she came to help us with the sale.
 Here you see her asking me what I think I'm doing and to stop taking her picture.

Here she is getting up to whoop my hiney cause I wouldn't stop!
Good thing she doesn't have a computer!

And then I found these little kitties in my closet and decided to make them
witches for Halloween gifts to friends.

I just took long strips of black felt and did a simple stitch on the
top and bottom of the felt, one to gather with and one for decoration on
the bottom of her skirt.

Made the hats by rolling a funnel and making a simple circle then
glued the funnel on top of circle.

Made some signs and put a bat on the top, then stuck that
in her hands.

                                             Put a cute little Boo sign on the back of her dress.

Here she is finished and ready to go. She was so much fun to make.
And that would be what I did last weekend.
Would love to know what you did?

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  1. It looks like you had a lot of fun creating, and that little critter is so sweet.
    And I know you worked very hard on the yard sale. Wish it could have turned out better.
    Love and kisses,


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