Wednesday, July 21, 2010


You may remember this?  It is/was my table cloth I was tatting.
Well after working on it for a week I ran out of the thread I was using.
After a trip to Wal Mart and another to Hobby Lobby I had no luck finding the
fiber of thread that matched it soooooo.....
I have to start over but was lucky enough to find a crochet pattern I loved so am doing
the new one in crochet.  btw:  I made this one into a doily for the livingroom table.

Found this book with patterns for Motifs and really loved the way this one looked.
(almost just like the tatted one)

So I grabbed a cup of coffee and went to work on it.
Had several of them done before I knew it.

I dug through the closet then went to mom's and went through her's and
 made sure that this time I had plenty of the same thread to finish my tablecloth.

After making bunches of these in this cream color I thought it would be
kinda nice to have another color in the project so found a roll of a pale green and
made a few out of that color and am now in the process of putting together the
ones I have finished.
Stay tuned for updates and the finished project to come later.

Friday, July 16, 2010


The other day after a good, long, hard rain it was nice outside so I wandered out for a walk.
While standing in the yard I heard the sound of rushing water and knew right away where it was
coming from.  We have a creek that runs behind our house and it's been dry for a good while
but after the rain we had rushing water so I went on the hunt for a good clear spot to get some

I love rain and stormy weather and so the rushing water was just a added blessing for me.

This plant/weed is a real buggar.   It's called a Bull Thistle and they do give ya a good sting
if you happen to walk in to one.  I found this one on my way back home from exploring the
creek.  When we were kids my older sister jumped right in the middle of one of these.

Just look at those darn needles.  If you ever see one of these steer clear.
I'm sure the look of it alone would keep you away.
So sorry it's been a while since I posted.  I've been really sick and am just now starting to feel
myself again.

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Monday, July 5, 2010


My cheesecake recipe has been a hit in our family for several years.
This year I wanted to put a new twist on it so grabbed down these
handy dandy glasses (we used these in Brittanies wedding for part of her centerpieces)

Destiney whipped up the cheesecake while I washed and dried
the glasses. Then we started by putting blueberries in the bottom of the glass.
Then a layer of cheesecake, then strawberries and a few more blueberries, more
cheese cake filling then decorated the tops.

Trust me if you like cheesecake you will LOVE this recipe.
It's so easy and don't these pictures just make your mouth water????

Easy Pleasey Cheese Cake

You will need:
1 Graham cracker crust
1 block philly cream cheese
1 tub cool whip
1/2 cup sugar

First let your cream cheese soften in your mixing bowl.
Add your sugar and mix well.
Then add your cool whip and mix that in with your mixer
you cannot fold it in.
Spoon filling into your crust and tada you have
cheese cake.
So easy, so Pleasey and so ready to eat!
please let me know what you think.


This forth of July Destiney, Tyler, and Myself had a little fun in the kitchen.
He loves being in the kitchen and helping Nana when he can.

He's standing on my step stool.  When I go to the kitchen he'll
run in, grab my finger and take me to the cabinet where the stool is stored,
put my hand on the door as if to say get my stool.

Then he'll jump right up on it and start helping me. (which I just Love)
Today we were making cheese cake tarts (stay tuned for the recipe)
And Tyler is working his little fingers crazy putting the blueberries just
cause putting them just anywhere won't due. *giggles

Now if this isn't the face of pure joy I just don't know what could be.
He's having so much fun.
And all is running smooth as silk....Until....He decides to try tasting one!

Looking out the kitchen window with a look of "I just wonder?"
And then the first one goes in his mouth....well....that was it
we couldn't get him to stop eating the blueberries.
Here he is with a mouth full and then giving Nana one so I can try these things too.
He also loves to share.

See what I mean?   He just kept eating them.  At first he ate a couple out of the carton.

But then he started taking them back off the tarts he had put them on and eating those too.
*insert more giggles here*
Here he is so proud of his creation, Mommy and Nana were proud too.

And here is his finished product.  btw he ate the strawberries too!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


I love, love, LOVE this table. I had the perfect place for it in my kitchen and knew
right away I had to have it. Carried it around the sale not even knowing how much it was
at first but didn't want anyone else to grab it away from me till I knew what
it was priced. The lady running the sale wasn't anywhere around so I had to knock on her
door to get her and find out how much it was. :) grin*
The older jars on the sides I found at another sale and knew right away they were perfect
for the table and still have ceramic tin lids on them so they had to come home with me too.
The four jars in the center I got *FREE* cause Mom gave them to me.
Table: $2.00
Old jars: $1.00 each
Center jars: FREE

These cute little tea light candle Angels were so precious I had to
have them in my collection.
Angels: $.50 each

This stack of fabric covered hat boxes caught my eye right away.
They are lined with the sweetest cream color silk. *darn should have got a pic of that
to show you also.
They now sit stacked on a bench in my master bathroom and I
enjoy them every day. They will be used for storage eventually, hand towels,
body sprays, fancy soaps etc. I just haven't got around to that yet.
Hat boxes: $5.00 set

These little things I picked up along the way in various sales.
The candy dishes were both at one sale where the lady was moving and yet had
very very little for sale.
Clock: $2.00
Candy dishes: $.50 each
Little Mocassins $.50
Pretty good sales I hit this week.


I'm so sorry I haven't posted much lately. I've caught a terrible cold
and just haven't felt like signing on line at all. I did however have to jump
on tonight (since I can't sleep anyway) and let you know that I miss you
all and can't wait to feel better and get back to my posting.
Tonight another crisis hit us and we would greatly appreciate your
prayers and possitive thoughts.