Monday, July 5, 2010


This forth of July Destiney, Tyler, and Myself had a little fun in the kitchen.
He loves being in the kitchen and helping Nana when he can.

He's standing on my step stool.  When I go to the kitchen he'll
run in, grab my finger and take me to the cabinet where the stool is stored,
put my hand on the door as if to say get my stool.

Then he'll jump right up on it and start helping me. (which I just Love)
Today we were making cheese cake tarts (stay tuned for the recipe)
And Tyler is working his little fingers crazy putting the blueberries just
cause putting them just anywhere won't due. *giggles

Now if this isn't the face of pure joy I just don't know what could be.
He's having so much fun.
And all is running smooth as silk....Until....He decides to try tasting one!

Looking out the kitchen window with a look of "I just wonder?"
And then the first one goes in his mouth....well....that was it
we couldn't get him to stop eating the blueberries.
Here he is with a mouth full and then giving Nana one so I can try these things too.
He also loves to share.

See what I mean?   He just kept eating them.  At first he ate a couple out of the carton.

But then he started taking them back off the tarts he had put them on and eating those too.
*insert more giggles here*
Here he is so proud of his creation, Mommy and Nana were proud too.

And here is his finished product.  btw he ate the strawberries too!

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  1. He is SO cute! I miss those kids so much! Sorry we didn't make it out to Tyler's birthday party, I've been sick lately. Also the reason why I haven't gone out to see Lexi yet :( Hopefully we will both be healthy enough to make it to Kinsey's birthday!


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