Saturday, July 3, 2010


I love, love, LOVE this table. I had the perfect place for it in my kitchen and knew
right away I had to have it. Carried it around the sale not even knowing how much it was
at first but didn't want anyone else to grab it away from me till I knew what
it was priced. The lady running the sale wasn't anywhere around so I had to knock on her
door to get her and find out how much it was. :) grin*
The older jars on the sides I found at another sale and knew right away they were perfect
for the table and still have ceramic tin lids on them so they had to come home with me too.
The four jars in the center I got *FREE* cause Mom gave them to me.
Table: $2.00
Old jars: $1.00 each
Center jars: FREE

These cute little tea light candle Angels were so precious I had to
have them in my collection.
Angels: $.50 each

This stack of fabric covered hat boxes caught my eye right away.
They are lined with the sweetest cream color silk. *darn should have got a pic of that
to show you also.
They now sit stacked on a bench in my master bathroom and I
enjoy them every day. They will be used for storage eventually, hand towels,
body sprays, fancy soaps etc. I just haven't got around to that yet.
Hat boxes: $5.00 set

These little things I picked up along the way in various sales.
The candy dishes were both at one sale where the lady was moving and yet had
very very little for sale.
Clock: $2.00
Candy dishes: $.50 each
Little Mocassins $.50
Pretty good sales I hit this week.


  1. Wow! Bravo for garage sale, such beautifull things.Annette, nice to meet you Sister:)
    Greetings from Europe, Biljana

  2. Hi Annette. I am a sorority sister. Man, I need to go garage saling with you. I love it, but I haven't as good of luck lately as you! Nice to meet you!


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