Wednesday, July 21, 2010


You may remember this?  It is/was my table cloth I was tatting.
Well after working on it for a week I ran out of the thread I was using.
After a trip to Wal Mart and another to Hobby Lobby I had no luck finding the
fiber of thread that matched it soooooo.....
I have to start over but was lucky enough to find a crochet pattern I loved so am doing
the new one in crochet.  btw:  I made this one into a doily for the livingroom table.

Found this book with patterns for Motifs and really loved the way this one looked.
(almost just like the tatted one)

So I grabbed a cup of coffee and went to work on it.
Had several of them done before I knew it.

I dug through the closet then went to mom's and went through her's and
 made sure that this time I had plenty of the same thread to finish my tablecloth.

After making bunches of these in this cream color I thought it would be
kinda nice to have another color in the project so found a roll of a pale green and
made a few out of that color and am now in the process of putting together the
ones I have finished.
Stay tuned for updates and the finished project to come later.


  1. Life is full of new beginnings...I love your tablecloth...have a good day..

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