Sunday, May 30, 2010


I'm joining in the fun at and posting my first Mosaic Monday image.
These are just a few of our wonderful flowers growing in the front yard.
Now here's hoping I do all this right and will link up correctly.
Be sure to check out Dear Little Red house for all the other beautiful
Mosaics there.

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This is a pic of my Dad in his Army uniform. Isn't he just so handsome?
He didn't serve during war time but still stepped up and
was willing to fight if need be for our country.

Daddy has always been a strong hold in my life no
matter what was going on he was always there.
He's still there and I thank God for him everyday.
Daddy taught us to love our country and respect our flag.
Took us to church on Sunday mornings and taught us about God.
Took us all fishing on the Dam at Ft. Cobb Lake, He still
laughs when he tells the story about taking us fishing and he was
so busy taking our fish off the hook and putting another worm on that
he didn't even get to fish.
Always worked hard and provided for his family.
He still teaches me things everyday.
A strong man with a lot of heart.
My Daddy My Hero.

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A rose for all of our soldiers who have given their time, bravery, strength, and some
even their lives. I haven't lost anyone to war thank God but know some who have
and can't imagine the grief and loss they must feel.
To all our soldiers I want to say thank you for fighting for our freedom!
God bless all of you!!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This little lamp I found was just my thing. As most of you know I collect
Tea pots and cups so when I saw this I just had to have it.
It did have the most horrible shade on it though so quick trip to Wally World
and tada my new lamp. Just $2.00. Isn't it just charming?

Yeppers had to have this one too. lol I think this one was $2.00 also.

Now these two have a little story behind them. A few years ago
my youngest daughter Brittanie bought me the most precious
Thomas Kenkade vase knowing how much I adore his paintings.
So one day when mom and I were having a sale she had this bowl out for
just 25 cents so I grabbed it and then she found me the tea pot at another sale
for 75 cents. They are truely treasures to me. Thanks mom!!!

Not real sure what i'm gonna do with this yet but it caught my eye and I just had to have it.
I think it was $3.00.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The garden is growing fast and doing really well.
Here are the tomato's and peppers.

I believe (although not sure lol) these are our raddishes peeking out
of the rich Oklahoma soil. Mom and Dad are the pro's at gardening I'm still learning
and can't tell just by looking what some plants are.

Peppers are what i'm most excited about getting my hands on.
We planted Radishes, Okra, Squash, peppers, and Tomatoes.
I still can't believe we forgot ONIONS!!!!

Pansies Mom was told will keep bugs out of the garden and they're really
pretty planted all around the garden.

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There are two of these beautiful cactus growing in my back yard.
Mom told me the name of them but I forget now what they are.
I just think they're so pretty I wanted to blog them for everyone to see.

Destiney kept telling me Mom you need to get pictures of that plant in
your back yard. But alas I am a forgetful person I fear to admit and ended up not getting
the pictures while they were still in full bloom, but I still think it's very pretty.

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