Tuesday, February 9, 2010


OK.....check out these cool canisters I got with birthday money from my oldest daughter
Destiney I've wanted these forever and finally got them. I'm so excited!!!!
Thank you Destiney you're a sweetheart Love ya

Now of coarse they need labels so I dug out a stamp set and
stamped the words on vellum paper which I LOVEEEEE

Then carefully laminated them so they can be washed and easily removed if and when
I decide to change them which there is pretty good chance of. lol

And here are the finished projects simple but I love them.

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  1. They are beautiful, you are a talented gal...with a unique eye for wonderful things....
    glenda@serendipity cottage

  2. GF you have too much talent running through those vains.
    TFS - your creations always make me look at plain things in different ways.
    Great Job!


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