Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So here is what we've been up to the last week. I've been wanting to brighten my kitchen for about a year now and the other morning my DH wakes me saying lets do the kitchen. Woot Woot I couldn't believe it but I jumped out of bed and we got started.

Here are a couple pictures of what we started with, I hate dark cabinets to me makes the room so dreary and dark. Please excuse the mess in and around the sink It's a dose of reality for ya lol Everytime you start something in the kitchen everyone needs a drink and something to eat.
This area was just a empty wall so DH comes to my rescue and builds me a counter and shelves. We aren't financially able to get doors yet but hopefully will before too long.
Tyler got a real kick out of this area and grabbed his hammer to help Pa Pa build.
Here is a closer pic of the little Toot he kept running under and around the posts.
And here is the sink area after I painted the cabinets off white and the handles red.
Another shot of cabinets above the stove Notice the vent hood is NOT
that horrible yellow anymore. Now that's exciting!!!

This area is dividing my living room from my kitchen it's just a counter
with some cabinets under it but will soon be an island DH is working on
that one for me too, but for now it looks better too. Lol
check out that big ball can you guess who that belongs to?

Below you'll see the countertop DH made for me
it's so pretty, clean and shiney. This is where we don't have doors made yet.

Just threw in a pic of the wonderful shelf hubby put up for me too. All in all I'm
pretty darn happy with my kitchen face lift. What would you like to
give a face lift to in your house? Just grab some paint and get to it.
Then let me know what you did and where I can find pictures.

And that's what we've been up to the week of my Birthday!!!

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