Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Thought I would introduce our new family memeber to ya today.
I got our Izzy at Wal Mart from some kids who were giving away the most addorable pups.
Mom and I were together she got the white pup and I got the black one.
I'm not sure what he is but I do know he's part German Shepherd and is so darn cute.
Now just look in those eyes....who could pass that up? The top pic was taken right after
we got her the bottom is a pic of her now she sure is growing.

Got her mainly for Tyler so he would have a pet to grow up with....I mean every little boy
needs a doggy don't you think? Tyler sure loves her but she's still a little rough for his taste so
for now they just kinda look at each other but I'm sure before long they'll be best buds.
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