Sunday, March 28, 2010


Hello all my blogging friends! Sure has been a while since I have posted,
would like to bring everyone up to speed on what's been going on here at our place.

It has been a struggle for the last few months, first of all my oldest daughter (Destiney)
has decided to go back to school medical transcriptionist and I've been babysitting the young ones so they take
much of my time 3 days a week but I'm so happy to do it and so proud of Destiney.
My middle daughter (Cheyenne) also is heading back to school....Nursing....she had no children
and lives here at home but it takes some time helping her get all she needs to do done.

Also I've had diabetes for several years which we could not get under controll. My last
doctor visit he put me on a new insulin which is doing the job but makes me very ill at times
until I get used to it but is bringing my sugar levels down thank the Lord.

For these reasons and several others I have not been spending much time on my blog
or crafting but I'm so glad to let you know that I think I'm getting better and feeling
more like my old self again so I'm going to be working on my blog the next few days and getting some posts
done. I sure hope I haven't lost my followers and hope you understand.
Hugggggies to you all!

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  1. Welcome back, always glad to read your posts. Stay right in there,all will be well..


I do love your comments Thanks so much!