Sunday, March 28, 2010


Here is one of the joys of my life...Little Tyler Bradley! He is sure looking something over in that first pic isn't he? LOL
I do believe it was one of mom's bird houses hanging in the tree.
Oh and notice in the second pic the skinned forhead? Well this is our second "BIG" boo boo. Our little
tooter fell while being honery and skinned his little forhead, it looks much better in the pics
than it did a few days ago when he first did it, but just look at that face I can't believe he would be
honery can you? LOL

And then I got this pic right before we went back in the house. Pay no attention to the bench
in the background....that's where I do all my spray painting! LOL
And with that I leave you with this thought.....

I grabbed this stitched item at a yard sale last summer and it hangs in my office now.
I just had to have it because it is soooooo true.
Gotta love those grandies!!!!
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