Thursday, April 29, 2010

A TRIP TO THE ZOO yesterday I got a call from Destiney saying we're taking the babies to the Zoo, then she asked if we wanted to go? Well we sure did (never miss a chance to be with kiddo's) so we jumped in our car and rushed over there. After getting everyone and everything loaded we headed out for a day of fun. So......thought I'd share a few pics of our day. I hope you enjoy our little trip to the Zoo.

Here are our men folk pushing the strollers from the parking lot which was a journey in itself.
Sorry I ended up cutting Kendalls head off. I couldn't see my screen in the sunlight at that point and didn't realize I did this.
This is what you find just inside the gate. Gift shops, ice cream shop, and sweets shop. I could have spent the whole day right here!! LOL
Another view of the entrance.

Ok so while posting these pics I thought boy it sure would come in handy to have a cam with a keyboard on it so I could take a picture and then type in what the name of the item is, then thought DUHHHH I could have just took a picture of the name of the animals so I'd know what they were but since I just thought of that you'll find I don't know the names of most of the animals I'll be posting pics of. So sorry about that but they are still pretty!

Where we found these birds was in a large cage where the birds were free to fly around anywhere inside the building.

Destiney and Kendall in the bird paradise.......before.......a bird flew right toward Destiney and she just about hit the floor to avoid it then got really scared and left us all in there while she waited outside the building. LOL Note: Kendall's head is in this shot!!

Me and Mike in the bird paradise.

Ever seen one of these? This Anteater is not the most attractive fella in the Zoo but he was interesting to look at.

Ok now everyone the next few pics are of my favorite exhibit at the Zoo but some of you might not be too interested. If you don't care for snakes I totally understand and would understand if you skip to the later parts of my posting. Destiney wouldn't even go in this building with us. I'm ok with them as long as they're behind glass and they are really pretty in color.

Sand vipor I believe is what this fella is.

No clue just think it's really a pretty green.

Some kind of Rattle snake.

And again.

This strange looking white toad we found in the Island living exhibit.

Giant Hissing Cockroaches!! YUCK!!

Large, Large, Large is all I can say to this one.

Giant Turtle and I do mean Giant eating his lunch. Tyler looked at this for quit some time.

One of Destiney's favorites to see at the zoo. Monkeys! This fella didn't pay any of us much mind. He just sat in his place and looked at everyone.

This apes name is Kathy, she is the oldest ape to give birth in captivity at age 41.
She is an exceptional mother and has raised 8 babies.
In the left hand lover corner you will see part of the face of her mate who was sleeping in the corner and wasn't interested in what was going on at all. She laid there and kept poking him on the shoulder like she was saying to him "wake up it's show time" then her little babie came toward her and she reached for him like we would reach for our babies he fell into mom's arms and they kissed each other. This was so sweet to see.
These Meere Kats (not sure on spelling) were the cutest things.
Tyler kept patting his legs calling to them doggie doggie doggie. LOL
They were a little interested in us and would look around at us once in a while but for the most part they just ran around and layed around a lot more.
Now after walking around in circles, getting lost once, and going up and down hills, these little fellas looked like I felt so we decided to call it a day and head toward the house. Soooooo after a LONG walk up hill to the exit my legs and hips were letting me know they weren't very happy with me and then the walk back to the car. We got everyone and everything loaded back up and headed to lunch. We hit our favorite Mexican food place "Teds" and had a nice relaxing lunch before heading home.
And that was our day at the Zoo hope you enjoyed it, I sure did.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great day with all the babies...glad you had a day out.
    I enjoyed the telling of your day,too.


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