Saturday, April 24, 2010


Yes my dear I just about fell over when I found this chalk board.
It's huge, has a tin compartment for chalk and a shelf under that for erasers, and
to top it off has two silver metal hooks on the bottom. I love chalk boards and
have been looking for just the right one for my kitchen forevvvvvver.
Got this awesome one for only $5.00 and am just thrilled.
If you don't go to yard sales you should cause you just never know
what treasure you'll find.

This flower spray I found for only $2.00. It's really pretty big and will
hang above a door or above the lights on the bathroom mirror, not sure which yet.
But it was definately worth the money. I took this picture and it's only a small
portion on the whole thing because it was too big to fit in one picture and still see
it's detail.

And these two pie carriers. I couldn't believe it when I saw them from the road. I've been
hunting some of these too and I jumped out of the car and ran to see how much. Destiney goes to
the sales with me and thought I had lost my mind. LOL But oh the joy that flowed when the lady
said she wanted just $1.00 each for them. Let me tell ya I grabbed them both like they were
the last in the world. I love the fork and spoon on top of the first one, and don't think I've ever
seen any like this before.

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