Thursday, January 28, 2010


Yes at our house this is what it looks like today. The storm has hit and started with a bang.
The freezing rain now it's sleeting and later is to come snow and sleet mixture.
Yes looks like we are home and not going anywhere for the next couple days....bummer!
At least everyone is safe and warm.
But I'm gonna try to make the best of it and do some crafting and blog.
Above on the left are trees in front of mom and dad's house and on the right is
a shot of our porch and the ice we've gathered so far lol

Mom and dad's house taken from my front door, Yes I love living this close to them.
And just another shot of one of my chairs on the porch.
btw....Tyler thinks this is all so cool and keeps trying to get outside when we have the door
open taking pictures. LOL I keep telling him this isn't play weather.
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